• sakura

  • sakura

  • blue sky

    always feel nice to look up to that beautiful blue sky...

  • surreal sky

    sometimes the daily sky seems so marvelous and almost surreal. even though it's the same sky i look up to everyday, it never shows me the same face twice

  • mountain view

    from airplane window...

  • earth

    i wish there are lots of earth like planet out there, this one we live in is old and abused...

  • my palembang

    such an uninteresting, dull and messy city but i love it so dearly...

  • 富士山

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

puisi sore hari

you can run if you want to
you can hide if you want to
i will not after you
will not kill you
just out of my sight...big lalat ijo

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