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  • sakura

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    always feel nice to look up to that beautiful blue sky...

  • surreal sky

    sometimes the daily sky seems so marvelous and almost surreal. even though it's the same sky i look up to everyday, it never shows me the same face twice

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    from airplane window...

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    i wish there are lots of earth like planet out there, this one we live in is old and abused...

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    such an uninteresting, dull and messy city but i love it so dearly...

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Thursday, October 27, 2016


there are 2 things you can do to crash your day, start the morning by sending messages to the wrong person and watching the wrong clip in the evening...


but a day is not counted by how you start it nor how you end it, instead, how you feel for the whole day... and i don't think today is a stupid day

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

letting go

recently, i keep on telling someone to let go of something as she's still lingering for something so upsetting and disappointing

i can understand that it's not about crying over spilled milk, it's about how your expectation is getting high despite constant disappointments. but what can you say when it's the feeling your dealing with, not the logical thinking that you can deduce dan reduce.

and then i come to realize, i also need to let go 2 things. i am expecting time will help me to let go one thing (the second thing) and as other thing (the first thing), i know i will never be able to let go. i felt in love with that something around 2004 and still feel the same way now. come to feel comfortable and enjoyed being there and when i had to leave, i left a huge piece of my feeling there, refused to come home with my physical body and silently keep on praying to be given another chance to stay there, to be with the comfortable live there.

07.10 AM


the backyard

beautiful mess

the road


as the other one thing (the second thing), time will help me, it won't take long for me to let go, hmmm maybe, i am not sure, but i have experience with this kind of thing that burden my heart. something stupid that seem i never learn to deal of it, from time to time. 

analog and digital

yet, ridiculously, i kept on advising her to let go of her upsetting thing.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

a note on artificial intelligence

not now

robot and artificial intelligence movies are  everywhere now, they are here partly because of the need of human tobe GOD

they want to create something that makes them feel good, superior and mighty and yet the movies also tried to show us that no matter what you are not the god and you are not suppose to be the one who creates things at the first place cause you are not worthy enough, indicated by their inability in controlling their creation that end up destroying them (e.g. age of ultron, avenger 2)

and some people are too genius compare to ordinary people and the genius brain led them believe they are supposed to in higher place than other people

this condition led to wars between countries, "wars" between people at the same countries and even hatred between people in much much smaller society


however, some movies show that some geniuses created artificial intelligence not to be a god or any higher being but to create something and he/she can not acquire by natural mean, such as friend (e.g. some japanese movies, AI by stepen spielberg)

and me living in more/less the same environment of this artificial intelligence area, no...i am not the clever one, i don't create anything


i can see some boys (figure 2) that by their backgrounds and attitudes, might create some AI for them, some for the ambition to be something like a god and some for creating (girl)friend(s)

very interesting to observe and watching them (also listening to their chit chats) and how is the life in the eyes of those clever boys, who are some (not all) lonely and in need for (girl)friends

who knows one day one of them can create their dreams, at least some had started to create the machine that can make life better, even one of them got the inspiration from anime/manga... this is the first time i see the prove that some anime/manga can inspire for a machine design

below is the photo of chappie, a movie about artificial "friend" with feeling and the last photo is the famous gundam robot


the little robot

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

daily view

inilah pemandangan yang saya lihat setiap hari, saya tidak bisa bilang setiap pagi, karena kadang saya tiba di kampus kesiangan, biasa dari bangun telat hingga masak terlalu maksimal or sekalian nyuci and jemur baju.

well eniwei, pemandangan dibawah ini yang akan selalu terekam di benak saya hingga nanti, saya tidak perlu lihat photo untuk bisa "melihat" lagi pemandangan ini, dan pastinya kalau saya sudah pulang nanti, saya tentu akan sangat merindukan pemandangan ini.

kampus tempat saya sekolah lagi ini terhitung kecil karena hanya untuk engineering tanpa ilmu sosial dan kebiasaan orang negara sini, sepertinya semua harus efisien jadi tidak ada yang namanya tempat luas tidak berguna.

dua gedung pada gambar 1, diperuntukkan untuk perkuliahan, jadi kalau masih ambil mata kuliah maka kelas biasa nya akan diadakan di gedung ini, kecuali untuk kelas khusus dimana yang ambil mata kuliah hanya sedikit, maka professor yang punya kelas akan mengadakan kelas di gedung fakultas masing-masing.

 the view 

gedung di gambar 2, adalah tower, saya kurang tahu peruntukan tower ini, tapi tower ini sangat berkesan bagi saya, dari sisi photography tentunya.

 the tower 

tangga ini adalah tangga di gedung D. gedung D adalah gedung milik mechanical engineering, civil engineering dan architecture engineering.

ini adalah tangga dari lantai 8 menuju roof dan/atau menuju sebuah ruangan yang dipergunakan sebagai mushola bagi kaum muslimin/muslimat. pihak kampus sangat toleran terhadap agama Islam, mereka memberikan ruang untuk ibadah, selain di gedung D, tempat shalat juga ada di gedung F, tapi umumnya jika ingin berjemaah, muslimin muslimat akan menuju gedung D lantai 9.

sejak mesjid di sini berdiri, maka ada alternatif lain untuk berjemaah, lokasi mesjid sekitar 200m dari kampus, tapi bagi yang sibuk tetep dapat berjemaah di mushola ini


gambar dibawah ini adalah sebuah lorong yang menghubungkan gedung D dan gedung F. semua gedung terhubung satu dan lainnya di lantai 2, kecuali gedung G, lantai 2 gedung lain terhitung lantai 3 bagi gedung.

lorong ini yang selalu saya lewati kalau hendak menuju tempat gym. disini gedung gym buka dari jam 08.30 pagi sampai jam 09.00 malam, dan semua orang bisa menggunakan nya. hari sabtu dan minggu serta hari libur nasional/kampus tutup.


gambar dibawah ini adalah pemandangan di samping gedung A dan gedung yang terlihat sebagian disebelah kiri adalah perpustakaan

 some lines 

gedung pada gambar dibawah ini adalah gedung F. gedung tertinggi di kampus ini. setidaknya telah terjadi 2 kali kasus orang terjun bebas dari gedung ini. karena nya sekarang di gedung D dan gedung F, jendela-jendala di lorong itu tidak bisa dibuka lagi. kemungkinan hal ini untuk menghindari tindakan terjun dari gedung.

 the buildings 

gambar dibawah ini memperlihatkan lorong yang menghubungkan gedung D menuju gedung C, ini adalah lorong yang paling sering saya lewati kalau hendak menuju kantin.


dibawah ini adalah lorong di lantai 2 gedung D, diujung lorong ada sebuah ruangan yang biasa di pakai siswa untuk praktek robotics. di ruangan itu penuh dengan lego robotics mindstorm. akhir-akhir ini ruangan itu digunakan untuk seminar mingguan lab.

di lab tempat saya riset, seminar di bagi 2, seminar bagi mahasiswa asing berbahasa inggris dan seminar bagi mahasiswa local dan mahasiswa asing yang memilih bahasa jepang sebagai bahasa pendidikan dan sehari-hari.


gambar dibawah ini diambil dari jendela lab tempat saya riset, di lantai 2 gedung D, dengan menggunakan jendela untuk memantulkan pemandangan sunset,gedung yang terlihat itu adalah gedung F.


gedung dibawah ini adalah gedung bagian belakang gedung C, entah kenapa bagi saya gedung C bagian belakang ini sangat photogenic. banyak sekali photo gedung ini dari berbagai sudut dan sebagian besar saya publish di flickr saya.

 the building

Saturday, January 17, 2015

social life

the shadow 

i am not much of social person, not much of extrovert, but i can not say that i am an introvert either. i am just socially selective, well something like that.

in this long life of mine, i have encountered many people in many situations. not to mention, my job makes me interact with many individuals that i have to adjust too.

for that i was (still am) trained to interact with many kind of human characters. this situation makes me creates some templates of interaction, for example the interaction with X-character i will use X-template interaction and living in the same environment with Y-character, i will use Y-template.

windy day 

mostly this method is working, well i can say 80% working and so far i am adaptable, as long as not against my religion.

mostly in this adaptive life, i have to mask my self, well i can put on mask but not for a long term, if it's only a couple of weeks, maybe the mask will be tightly attach to me but for long period, it is impossible, therefore if the person is not having very significant role in my daily life, it will be much better if i let go and consider the person is not exist, or in short, ignorable.

let's walk 

the tough situation is if the person is significantly important, then this method is not applicable, i have to adjust, letting my self in his/her template or trying to make him/her going in to my template. both methods are not easy and sometimes not working well, therefore frictions are not avoidable.

well, life is not always the way we want, but i dare to say that if we look closely 80% part of our life is actually happy part, just look more and more closely.

therefore, we can conclude that 80% people that we have met and lived in the same environments are actually having high contribution in that happy parts of our life. just try to look more closely and more grateful with we got.

hope anyone who read this essay finds it make sense, if not, it's ok, this is written on 10.13 pm and i am already very sleepy, both happy and upset. happy for 80% things are nice and 20% are not working well, i mean the research life side.

everyone has their own remedies for the stress caused by research life and mine is photography, so enjoy the photos below (and above).

all wrapped up

she & he 

nighty night you'all

Monday, January 12, 2015

kokeshi doll

kokeshi doll is one of the traditional doll of japan, beside hina doll and daruma doll

my Japanese friend once argued that the one in photo above is not the original kokeshi doll, this kind of kokeshi doll is sold only for foreigner.

well, i like this type of kokeshi doll anyway.

people always take photos of kokeshi doll in cute way, of course because it is always cute, therefore i want to shoot in other way, to make it looks more mysterious rather that cute but still beautiful.




as i shot the doll in this setting, the light was still on, so i figured out that letting it's all dark but the flashlight would make the doll looked more dramatic

so i turned off the light, yes, it got more dramatic and yet i felt creepy

anyway, it was so much fun, the photo session with this cute kokeshi doll. i got this one from a used shop, it was only 80 Yen  (Rp. 8000,- ), very cheap, i felt like i must take it home.

then, i remembered that this kind of statue like thing is not allowed in my belief, but i could not throw this away. well, the good thing is i have a friend who collect things like this, good, just ask him to take the doll and add to his collection

i surely have weakness in shopping, anything cute below 100 yen, i would feel the urge to buy although mostly those things are not needed nor doing any good for me

well, for more information abotu kokeshi doll, do check this link, the making of kokeshi doll, don't forget to check the video, i was amazed 

kokeshi is surely the work of art

Saturday, November 1, 2014


what say you about gundam?



nothing much, i don't know "almost" anything about these things other that all gundams are robot-like creatures appearing in some movies and some boys are crazy about them

friend and foe




guess, not the gundam as the robot thing make them so into this but assembling little pieces into a gundam is all they like to do

floppy blue?

just like puzzles and by finishing the assemble means you're solving a puzzle and you feel good

taking photo of them would be nice to me

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

went home trip

been a while not dropping any words here, i don't know, never forget this blog though for this is the first media i use to shout to the world

nothing much happening, you know, just same old same old

it's me dewi

i went home this september, spending like 22 days home (plus 1 day for going trip and 1 day for going back trip)

duty free shops 

sunset above the clouds

felt kinda excited and yet a bit strange to be home, the difference of atmosphere (some point literally) put me in mixed feeling, like i wanted to be home and yet i also wanted to be out of the country for looooonggg time

if only i could take the good points of both side (inside and outside the country)

i had fun really, mom and everyone at home spoiled me too much, i didn't have to do anything, just ate and relaxed.

there were cons though for i was not that nice to my friends over there, but do please forgive me since i just wanted to be home with mom,  pop and siblings. they are so precious to me, well even the cats were nice and cute to me

cat and photography

then on my way back to here, during my transit in KL,  i was surprised with how nice my friend, Nida, treated me
she and her friend, Dulina, took me around KL to the best photo spots, Nida knows well how much i love photo-taking


indeed, sometimes, in this life i meet friends (or people) who are sooo nice and kind that i question my-self whether i deserve them...

living on jet plane

below is the view when the plane was about to approach Nagoya, the traffic was so crowded at the airport, that the pilot chose to slow down and i got the chance to see the view of thousands of mountain (or hills) before nagoya...it was amazing, really amazing view for me and i believe my photo can not do justice to the view